The Bioma Project Visits Swansfield Elementary

The Bioma Project, a student-led nonprofit organization that provides free, revolutionary environmental education and clean technology opportunities to Maryland students, visited Swansfield Elementary School to present their new revolutionary environmental education curriculum to 50 environmentally passionate students in grades 3,4, and 5. The presentation consisted of many interactive activities for the students, such as matching games, multiple choice questions, and day to day life inquires. The students were very responsive to the content, and showed great excitement for the program by asking questions, getting close to the tank, and always making comments about our curriculum. When the critters arrived at around 3:00 pm, the students rushed from their seats to witness the critters swim around the tank, and the clams burrowing into the sand. Overall, it was a great visit, and the Bioma Project will plan to conduct more presentations to schools such as Hanover Hills in 1 week, and Maury Elementary, a DC public school, in 1 month.

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